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9. August 2018
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Wow, we’re overwhelmed! More than 100 screenplays from over 40 countries as diverse as Kenya, Iran, Madagaskar, China, Argentina, Mongolia, USA and many more worldwide and all over Europe reached us until yesterdays’s deadline. Thank you so much for submitting to interfilm’s Script Pitch! We’re extremely curious to delve into all the different stories that have been sent to us.
The selected finalists are announced online from late August until early September. – More on the International Script Pitch here

27. Juni 2018
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Shout out loud: Balcony!

You are the guy in „Balcony“? – Or are you the observers?! – The animation by David Dell‘ Edera from Hungrary at interfilm was in International Competition last year and received a Special Mention.

22. Juni 2018
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International SCRIPT PITCH 2018 at interfilm Festival: Call for Scripts is open

We’re looking for captivating screenplays and pitches for short films that blow us away: interforum, the fringe programme for professional visitors and film enthusiasts at the interfilm Festival is now accepting entries for the 6th international Script Pitch competition. Be part of an inspiring 3-days Script Lab, a pitch training, informal meet & greet opportunities for film professionals and the pitching sessions in Berlin. The first confirmed jury member of this year’s Script Pitch jury panel is Bianca Oana, Romanian producer of the recent winner of the Golden Bear at Berlinale 2018 with “Touch Me Not” by Adina Pintilie. Bianca is Script Pitch alumni and together with Neritan Zinxhiria award winner of „Best Pitch“ 2015.

As of now, writers or writer-directors with live action or animation short film projects are welcome to apply. The deadline is 1st August 2018. More on the International Script Pitch here, find the application form (pdf) there.

20. Juni 2018
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shortfilmdeTeil 2 der Recherche von Reinhard Wolf über seltsame Filmfestivalpraktiken: Vor allem in Berlin etablieren sich immer mehr „Veranstaltungen, die sich als Festivals bezeichnen, aber nicht den Vorstellungen von einem klassischen Filmfestival entsprechen. Vielmehr sind es Kinoprogramme, die sich unterstützt von Algorithmen und globaler Vernetzung zwar einige Merkmale von Festivals aneignen, nicht jedoch deren sozialen und kulturellen Komponenten“. – Bei lesen

15. Juni 2018
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interfilm distribution films at Palm Springs International Film Festival

Visit Palm Springs International Film Festival and watch three films from interfilm distribution: Kleptomami by Pola Beck, Entschuldigung ich suche den Tischtennisraum und meine Freundin / Excuse me, I’m looking for the ping-pong room and my girlfriend by Bernhard Wenger and Emma und die Wut / Emma and the fury by Elisa Mishto

25. Mai 2018
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interfilms Geburtsort: Aus für das EISZEIT

Vor 37 Jahren, 1981, wurde das Eiszeit-Kino von Aktivisten wie Heinz Hermanns begründet. Auch sein interfilm Festival entstand dort, wie sich Andreas Döhler in der Zitty erinnert. Als Super 8 und 16mm Festival. – Letztes Jahr noch konnte interfilm das wunderbar neu renovierte Kino beim Festival bespielen, – „No Future“ war einst Punkslogan, „No Feature“ war ein spaßiger interfilm-Gag wider den Langfilm. – Total schockierend nun das Ende durch Insolvenz. Fuck Capitalism!

25. April 2018
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Walpurgis: interfilm & KUKI eröffnen die Open Air Saison im ZUKUNFT – #Festiwelt

Mal wieder feiern!? Wir sind dabei: interfilm & KUKI eröffnen mit Filmbeiträgen via FESTIWELT die Open Air Saison im ZUKUNFT am Ostkreuz. Am 30. April gibt es zu Walpurgis neben Filmen Berliner Filmfestivals schon ab Nachmittag Kinderfilmprogramm, dann Konzerte, DJs, Theater, zur Dunkelheit die Freilichtspielsause und danach Party – kennt jemand einen schöneren Ort, Walpurgis zu zelebrieren!? – Auch Shorts Attack ist dabei mit der Mitternachtspremiere von Marx & the Revolution.

30. März 2018
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A letter to interfilm

Dear interfilm,
you probably don’t remember me but I had a film at your 2015 festival. I wanted to write this email to not only thank you for the festival (very belatedly) but also just to say how much of impact the whole event had on my life.

Before I was invited to your festival I was not in the best stage of life. I was working in an unrewarding retail job without really knowing what I wanted in life at all. My social life was minimal and I was barely leaving the house, instead choosing to play video games and keep to myself. – I was not in a good place at all.

The invite to your festival changed it all. Even though I was at first confused by these tweets and emails being sent to me in German, you persevered in trying to contact me and eventually convinced me this festival invite was not an elaborate scam at all.

The festival turned out to be one of the best weekends of my life. To be able to go from a shut-in to feeling like a proper filmmaker, talking amongst other fantastically creative people was incredible. To have people interested in my work and especially, the opportunity to deliver a talk about it, was perhaps the proudest moment of my life.

The knock on effects of the festival were huge; I ended up going to Sundance with two Americans I met at your festival and having another week of my life I’ll never forget. I met a girl in Utah who somehow lived almost right next to me back in London and who I then ended up dating for the next 18 months.

My whole life was reinvigorated and I’ve kept up that spirit to this day. Your festival changed my life and I could not thank you enough for inviting me to share my silly little film with you.

Thank you

1. Februar 2018
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interfilm: Oscar® Qualifying Festival!

Großes Kino 2018: Die Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles hat interfilm zum Academy Award® Qualifying Festival gekürt. Die Gewinnerfilme „Best Fiction“ und „Best Animation“ werden damit ab sofort automatisch im Rennen um den OSCAR® in den Kategorien „Live Action Short Film“ und „Animated Short Film“ berücksichtigt.- Also: jetzt Filme einreichen! – Mehr lesen

2018 kicks-off with a bang! The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles has declared interfilm as an Academy Award® Qualifying Festival. As of now, winning films in the interfilm categories “Best Fiction” and “Best Animation” in the International Competition will automatically be considered to compete for an OSCAR® in the categories „Live Action Short“ and „Animated Short Film“. Naturally, all further ACADEMY AWARD® criteria must be met. – So, submit films now! – More