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  1. Omo, police don urgdape oOh, dis na d call center numba 112 There was a robbery in my neighbour’s house and I called them next thing I heard was .Welcome to Nigeria Police Emergency Center.. for English press. 1, for Igbo press 2, for Yoruba press 3.Then I pressed 1 then another voice came up .For car accident press 1, for armed robbery press 2, for boko haram please hang up .Den I pressed 2, anoda voice came up .If they’re with knives press 1, pistols press 2, AK 47 press 3, machine guns press 4, bomb press 5, all of the above press 6 Then i checked and saw they were with all of them then I pressed 6 anoda voice came up sayin .Hmmmm ! My brother, if ur brother dey police u go gree make im come?

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