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16. September 2011
von interfilm
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Social Filmfriday 2: Neulich am Alex – „aCAMPada Berlin“

Alexanderplatz im August. Die Medien haben berichtet: Ein Politcamp nach spanischem Vorbild etablierte sich – und wurde polizeilich geräumt. Hier ein Bericht von Sender Freies Neukölln:

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  1. Paul:I’ve listened to you since aunrod 2000 when you were on 1230 AM radio. You moved to KBME 790, and I listened until the station was bought and went to all sports talk. I remember when Borders opened the store on Alabama and Kirby, and you hosted a Steve Tyler appearance in the store. I’ve looked forward to listening to your programs because of the music and your stories. They provided a refreshing detour from all the other stuff on the airwaves. I’m so glad to have found you again.

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