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21. März 2016
von interfilm
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ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster|Berlin: Call for POETRY FILMS

The biggest international festival for poetry films is moving from Berlin to Münster. For the very first time the Filmwerkstatt Münster, in cooperation with Literaturwerkstatt Berlin/Haus für Poesie, will host the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster|Berlin. The prizes are endowed together with 12.000 €. – Submit films now!

2 Kommentare

  1. waxaan ahay hooyo somaliyeed ku nool sweden waxaan dalbaday wiil iyo gabar aan dhalay waxeey iga qadeen dheecanka DNA wanan is yeelanay caruurtaydi waxay i dhaheen iniewvtergaaga aa qaladi waxeena i siiyen diidmo, hadii ee jirto cid ila mida fadlan ii shegaU codee: 0  0

    • Keith,We MUST march on Wahinsgton to oppose this bill. If word gets out there will be a march I’m sure a million people would show up. Have you heard of a group organizing such a march or of a group whom would organize a march?

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