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17. August 2016
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Heinz Hermanns (interfilm) part of Jin Zhen International Short Film Forum in Hancheng, China

Heinz Hermanns (Festival Director, interfilm Berlin) is part of Jin Zhen International Short Film Forum in Hancheng, China: Jin Zhen Short Film hosts 4-day International short film forum. It takes place from the 11th to the 14th of August. We are inviting representatives from festivals and institutions from over 20 festivals and countries and  Chinese participants from different fields. An international short film association will be founded and Chinese short films in various categories will be shown. A foundation for supporting international short film projects will also be brought to life.


Part of the ‚City of Short Films‘ project, the forum will take place in Hancheng City. The forum will also be attended by Chinese filmmakers. The four-day forum will see Chinese short films shown, as well as both an international short film association and a foundation for supporting international short film projects will be launched.

‚City of Short Films‘ aims to provide a platform for direct cooperation between Asian and Western short filmmakers and institutions, to support Chinese and international short filmmakers internationally, and to promote a dialogue between Chinese and international film institutions.

Participating guests
Festivals from: Germany – interfilm Berlin, France – Clermont Ferrand, England – British Council, The Netherlands – Go Short, Switzerland – Winterthur, Mexico – Mexico City short film festival, Portugal – Vila do Conde, Laos – Vientianale, Lebanon – Beirut, New Zealand, Greece – Drama, Poland – Short Waves, Denmark – Odense, Finland – Tampere, Belgium – Leuven, Latvia – Riga, Austria – Vienna Shorts, Ukraine – Kiev Short Film Festival, Ireland – Indie Cork, Italy – Short Film Centre Turin, Madagascar – Short Film Festival Antananarivo, South Korea (2), Burkina Faso – FESPACO, Hong Kong – HKIFF, Taiwan, China

Domestic:  Ministry of Culture Arts Department (2), the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television Film Board (1), China Film Foundation (1), Ministry of Education, the National Professional Committee of Culture and Arts (1), Ministry of Education, China Life Sciences Institute Short film Committee (2), CCTV micro movie channel (2), China image professional Committee (1), China musical Association (1), China Correspondent Association (3), China film Critics Association micro film Research (2), China Short filmmakers (6);

Heinz Hermanns (Festival Director, interfilm Berlin) helped organizing the Jin Zhen International Short Film Forum in Hancheng, China, with the recommendation for and contact to the international festival representatives who were invited.

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